Girls’ General Studies / English Assistant Principal

August 17, 2023
$45,000 - $50,000 / year
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Job Description

A flourishing school with 135 students, based in Kingston, Pennsylvania, (3 hours from Brooklyn, NY) is seeking a dynamic, capable Girls’ General Studies / English Assistant Principal. The Overall Vision – Be a staff team builder, create a good and Chassidishe atmosphere, represent the school well to the community. The WIG (wildly important goal) – To create a healthy structure for teachers, parents and students that provides accountability for the effective running and academic excellence of the school. This candidate will also assist the main principal when needed.

A. Staff

  1. Observe classes (15 min – goal should be once a week but at least twice monthly)
  2. Meet with each teacher weekly to discuss student and overall class progress (10-15 min). Keep a file of notes on all meetings which is shared with the Principal.
  3. Begin the process of addressing the needs of the English staff, syllabus, curriculum, discipline issues, and student evaluation. In year one as the need arises, the assistant
    principal will evaluate the teacher’s work and academic standards for secular studies.
  4. Review student reports/cards prepared by teachers before submitted to the principal to be sent home. (2 times a year).
  5. Overall responsibility to make sure that a substitute teacher is found when needed. Involve principal if necessary. Need to develop a protocol for when we cannot find a substitute teacher. (L’chatchila, it’s the staff’s responsibility)

B. Students

  1. Review student progress and determine needs with the teacher. Report to the principal to initiate interventions and services.
  2. Report to Principal any signs of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.
  3. Be present at the end of the school day to greet students and parents.

C. Administration

  1. Attend all administration meetings, Parent Teacher Conferences and School Celebrations.
  2. Meet weekly with the principal. Discuss all teacher, student and school wide needs.
  3. Meet monthly with the Admin (along with principal) to discuss school wide needs.
  4. Approve a monthly list of school supplies to the Cheders girls division secretary in a timely manner.

D. Parents

  1. Respond and communicate with parents in a timely manner (24 hours acknowledgment and 48 hour response)
  2. Maintain regular communication with parents through newsletters, calendars, announcements, and various forms of personal contact.
  3. Actively advocate for and engage with family to create a nurturing family environment where each family feels that their needs are valued and met.
  4. Instruct teachers and parents on how to cultivate and sustain meaningful partnerships with families and with community members that support student achievement and
    student well-being

E. Curriculum

  1. Make sure teachers know what curriculum they will be covering
  2. Implement academic standards for what a student should know in each grade.
  3. Assist teachers with finding and building individual class/grade curriculum
  4. Long term goal to eventually build/buy/tweak a full curriculum for our school and hiring a curriculum director for our school (by subject or general)
  5. Review weekly lesson plans to ensure educational goals are being met.

F. Extra Curricular

  1. Take the lead in coordinating 8th grade graduation, trip and yearbook, with the office and principal. (includes fundraising ideas and programs for them throughout the year)