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What we do

At AB Hires and Consulting, we believe there’s a job for every talent and a talent for every job. We handle recruiting for companies with a flexible, success-driving method that empowers businesses and candidates. Our services include:

   ✔️   A detailed assessment of your professional needs so we can connect you with the right candidate or position as soon as possible

   ✔️   A clear, precise job description that addresses the right candidates

   ✔️   Help with candidate vetting and screening to save your time and resources

We are here to remove the exhaustion and uncertainty out of the hiring process. AB Hires and Consulting helps you channel your energy where it should go, promoting your business or building your career.

Hiring candidates but unsure if you need recruitment services? No problem. For a fee, you can post your job listing on our board without entering a recruiting agreement. Connect with top talent —— no strings attached.

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Find the Right Job or Candidate

Whether you are hiring or looking for new opportunities, AB Hires and Consulting provides expert job placement services. For candidates, you can search and apply for your dream job. For companies, you can access a pool of top-tier talent in a matter of minutes, with proactive assistance along the way by simply completing our job form.

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